Friday, June 25, 2010

Transportation Pledge

In the wake of the oil spill, I have felt a certain disgust towards my own petroleum usage. Almost simultaneouly, my car has taken an irreperable turn for the worse. This has been surprisingly synchronistic, as I have been forced through necessity to consider other options for my daily transportation.

And so I have committed from both necessity and desire to alternative forms of transportation each day- train, bike, carpool, walk. Most of these I have found wonderfully pleasant; the most difficult is carpooling. It makes me feel a bit needy and dependent on others to ask for a ride- and even though I have many options of people to ask for rides, I still wish the exchange were more mutual. In general, I feel more capable and independent when I take the train. On the other hand, taking the train has meant a re-adjustment of schedules- which has only been possible by a certain flexibility in work situations. I am very happy to have moved to Beacon, closer to my job, to a place where all these options are possible. And I am happy that I have chosen to pursue work only in situations that would align with my values.

As I have turned to 'training it', I have received some lovely gifts- including reduced expenses, more exercise, and encounters with nature. As the train ride is accompanied by a mile long walk through the woods to work, I have encountered squirrels, chipmunks, birds, deer~ and a certain freedom and joy.

I, therefore, make this pledge willingly to give up the luxury of driving my car, and commit to continuing along this path.

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